The Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies is joining the American University in Beirut and its Suliman S. Olayan School of Business to serve as the Yemen country partner at the regional project “The KIP Index: A Comparison of the Status of Women in the MENA Economies”. The Sanaa Center will support the project with the data collection, technical analysis, and outline recommendations to assess the status of women’s recruitment, retention, and promotion in the Yemeni formal labor market. 

This project aims to develop a comprehensive data-driven index that provides economic stakeholders with knowledge and recommendations on improving women’s recruitment, retention, and promotion in the formal economies in the Arab MENA, with a specific focus on: Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and Iraq. The Knowledge is Power (KIP) index will be a comparison of the roles and challenges to women’s economic participation. It will also aim at capturing and measuring challenges to the recruitment, promotion, and retention of women in the formal economies of the region .

The first episode was titled “Transportation as a Challenge to Women’s Economic Participation.” You can watch it here: