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اقرأ المحتوى باللغة العربية

Launched in June 2016, “Yemen at the UN” is a monthly Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS) series produced to identify and assess UN-led efforts to resolve the conflict in Yemen and address the humanitarian crisis.
In producing Yemen at the UN, SCSS staff members in New York and Yemen apply a mix of research and outreach activities. Each month, SCSS staff map UN and multilateral systems’ work and policies on Yemen, gather information related to reports through in-person meetings and contacts with key national and international stakeholders (including UN officials and states’ mission diplomats to the UN), and analyze the international and local context surrounding the developments in Yemen.
This monthly series thus provides readers with an understanding of the international political dynamics related to Yemen, while also grounding these dynamics in the context of the latest political, security, economic and humanitarian developments on the ground.

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