Sana’a Center seeks lead researcher for year-long mental health study in Yemen

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, in coordination with the Human Rights Clinic (HRC) at Columbia Law School, seeks a Yemen-based Lead Researcher to head a year-long multidisciplinary study on the psychological impacts of war on individuals, families and communities in Yemen.

This study is to form the basis of a domestic and international advocacy strategy to advance the human rights, dignity, security, access to care, and social, economic and political inclusion of people enduring the mental health repercussions of the war in Yemen.


  • A master’s degree or PhD in public health, clinical psychology or related field.
  • Work experience related to psychiatry, psychology or behavioral sciences.
  • Prior experience in the health care sector and/or academia in Yemen.
  • Fluency in Arabic and a working knowledge of English.
  • Experience in designing and implementing research projects in high intensity and/or conflict environments is a definite plus.
  • A record of scholarly publications is a plus.

Responsibilities (with institutional support from the Sana’a Center and HRC at Columbia Law School)

  • Lead a year-long multidisciplinary study on the psychological impacts of war on the mental health of individuals, families, and communities in Yemen.
  • Lead a team of researchers and survey workers in qualitative and quantitative data collection, while providing training to team members as needed.
  • Coordinate with project team members, the Sana’a Center and HRC to ensure effective and efficient project design, implementation, risk assessment, and documentation, including regular meetings for information sharing.
  • Facilitate coordination between the Sana’a Center, HRC and national partners in Yemen working with public mental health issues.
  • Prepare monthly reports regarding project activities and progress.
  • In coordination with the Sana’a Center and HRC, produce, by the end of the study period, a research and policy report based upon the information gathered.
  • In coordination with the Sana’a Center and HRC, prepare advocacy strategies to elevate the voices of individuals, families and communities psychologically affected by war, and carry out domestic and international advocacy.
  • Plan and implement of advocacy activities with the Sana’a Center and the HRC.

Required skills and knowledge:

  • Detailed knowledge of current crisis in Yemen.
  • Detailed knowledge of the informal treatments and social practices in Yemen related to mental health and dealing with the psychological trauma of war.
  • Able to develop community-based interventions related to mental health.           
  • Able to take a leadership role in promoting the right to mental health, in collaboration with relevant civil society organizations.

Conditions and expectations

  • Team leader must be willing to travel to US at the beginning and end of the study to: (1) design with experts the details of the study method, and (2) after the study’s release, use the outcomes to advocate at international forums.
  • The current available funding is limited to 6 months paid salary. Assigned tasks and expected outcomes will not exceed a 6 month period until further funding is secured.

Location: Based in Yemen

Starting date: As soon as possible.

To apply: Please send an email with the subject heading “Lead Researcher – Mental Health Study” to , and attach a letter of interest and CV.

Closing date for applications: December 15, 2016. (Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted).


About the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies:

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies is an independent think-tank that seeks to foster change through knowledge production with a focus on Yemen and the surrounding region. The Center’s publications and programs, offered in both Arabic and English, cover political, social, economic and security related developments, aiming to impact policy locally, regionally, and internationally.

About the Human Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School:

The Human Rights Clinic at Columbia School of Law works to advance human rights, and to train the next generation of strategic, creative, and reflective advocates for social justice. Working around the world with communities, civil society, and the United Nations, the Clinic addresses urgent and marginalized issues through fact-finding and research, reporting, advocacy, litigation, and technical support and training.

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