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Bid Invitation: Branding Identity

Posted on: July 8, 2024 Application Deadline: July 25, 2024


Branding Identity

Bid currency:



25-07-2024 at 3:00 PM Sanaa time


The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies is an independent think-tank that seeks to foster change through knowledge production with a focus on Yemen and the surrounding region. The Center’s publications and programs, offered in both Arabic and English, cover political, social, economic, and security-related developments, aiming to impact policy locally, regionally, and internationally.

We are a dynamic, highly mobile, multilingual team with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our main office is in Yemen, while most of our team works remotely from locations across Yemen, the Middle East, and major cities around the world. Among our core strengths are our versatility, initiative, access, networks, and audacity.


Sana’a Center has been a key player in influencing decision-making, spreading the narrative about Yemen, and preserving historical memory. With its strategic shift towards the most important and largest centers of studies and thought in Yemen and the surrounding region. The Sana’a Center aims to broaden its impact and offerings. This transition necessitates a rebranding initiative that encompasses a new visual identity, messaging, communication strategy, and graphical aspects aligned with its evolved mission and objectives.


Sana’a Center invites suitably qualified and experienced branding service providers to participate in a Rebranding assignment for 3 months. Applicants are requested to respond by adhering to all mandatory requirements and ensuring that their submissions align with the specified criteria and evaluation guidelines.

The agency will present 3 visual identity concepts to the Sana’a Center. Each visual identity concept will include a new/renewed logo and font direction, with different mock-ups of where the logo will be applied (corporate, advertising, … etc.), and guidelines on how the logo shall be placed next to other logos. Through three rounds of reviews and amends, Sana’a Center will select one direction.

Tasks and Deliverables:

This assignment is structured in three phases:

  • The first phase: In the process of Sana’a Center rebranding, the company will develop 3 creative visual identity concepts reflecting the organization’s background and goals of the following elements:
    • Create 3 professional logo templates to choose from.
    • Primary and secondary color palette.
    • Choosing appropriate fonts (see font selection instructions);
    • Graphics elements, illustrations, icons, and patterns of identity.
    • Mock-ups of the use and application of the identity.
  • The second phase: Create digital communication elements:
    • Website layout (Home page).
    • Social media pages and accounts.
    • Email signature.
    • Newsletter (3 templates).
    • Presentations PowerPoint, Word templates, letterhead, and Excel.
    • Logo animation.
    • Voiceprint and music.
    • Motion graphics system.
    • Photography.
    • Social media posters (10 templates of different sizes).
  • The third phase: Completing the basic and secondary components of identity:
    • Brand guidelines.
    • Report layout (3 templates).
    • Studies and Policy papers layout (3 templates).
    • Brochures and Profiles for the organization and projects.
    • Roll-ups and banners.
    • Advertising materials (Mug, T-shirt, Cap, Bags, Notepad, etc.).

The time frame for the Assignment:



19 August

At least 3x creative concepts for a complete branding and visual identity in the first phase are developed

30 August

3x full rounds of reviews, feedback and amends conducted to agree upon the best option
Completion of the first phase

15 September

Completion of the second phase

30 September

Completion of the third phase
Complete all tasks

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Proposed branding concept outline.
  • Agency experience developing and executing advertising or marketing campaigns focused on brand positioning – experience in branding, advertising, and marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations, IGOs or NGOs and other UN Agencies or clients comparable to Sana’a center is a plus
  • The overall quality and experience of the proposed team to service the needs and achieve the goals stated in this request for proposals in a comprehensive manner.
  • Competitive financial proposal.
  • Client references.
  • Completeness of overall application.
  • Overall concord between TOR/needs and proposal.
  • Innovation approach proposed.
  • Creative strategies.
  • Evaluation of presentation provided by the agency, if they are requested to provide one.
  • Detailed breakdown of working days and how this corresponds to deliverables.

Application documents for proposal:

  • The interested agencies shall submit a detailed proposal including:
    • Technical proposal that illustrates an understanding of the assignment
    • Detailed work plan and methodology.
    • Description of equipment and/or software to be used.
  • Agency definition profile.
  • Similar project models.
  • Quotations for per phase and lump-sum cost in US dollars.

Notice: If there are any suggestions or ideas outside the specifications required in this document, they should be sent separately.

Application Process

Interested agencies are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal to [email protected]