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The Sana’a Center concludes a series of meetings with Yemeni political parties discussing the peace process

اقرأ المحتوى باللغة العربية

On February 1, 2021, the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies and Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) concluded a series of meetings with several Yemeni political parties during which they shared their visions of the peace negotiations and explored possible ways to end the six-year conflict in Yemen.

Sponsored by the EU and held in Istanbul, the meetings included separate sit-downs with representatives of the General People’s Congress, the Islah party, the Yemeni Socialist Party and the Nasserite Organization.

The meetings addressed past and current efforts made by the political parties in the peace process. The talks also shed light on the possible paths to restore effective political partnership as well as strengthen the parties internally by reactivating lines of communication within the parties themselves as well as with other political groups.

Sana’a Center Executive Director Majed al-Madhaji said that the goal of these meetings was to restore politics as the only arena for Yemenis to solve issues, following years of conflict which as seen armed groups take center stage in Yemen, sidelining the role of political parties and undermining political pluralism.