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Yemen Peace Forum Amman Workshops Conclude

اقرأ المحتوى باللغة العربية

Amman, Jordan: The Yemen Peace Forum (YPF) concluded its four-day event which brought together a select group of Yemeni youth and civil society organizations with the aim to empower their voices by creating a parallel process for their views and insights to be channeled into Yemen’s peace negotiations.
The two separate workshops were held in Amman October 19 through 22, 2021, bringing together over 30 participants hailing from all over Yemen.
Civil society representatives attended sessions discussing the roles of CSOs in resolving the conflicts, the obstacles and challenges they’ve encountered, as well as their views on improving the peace process in Yemen.

Youth representatives participated in sessions focused on the role of youth and youth initiatives in the current situation and in building peace in Yemen, as well as training in research and writing policy briefs to help guide participants on ways to voice their priorities and advocate for issues within their communities.
Both groups met virtually with representatives from the international community and INGOs and discussed the role of Yemeni youth and the CSOs in the peace process as well as approaches to address local and national issues.

Sana’a Center Director of Research Yasmeen al-Eryani, Researcher Tawfiq al-Ganad and researcher Bilqees al-Lahabi led the workshops and conducted one-on-one mentorship sessions to the attendees.

Executive Director of the Sana’a Center, Maged Al-Madhaji presented a session on the current Yemeni politics and developments, in light of the international efforts to reach a solution to the Yemeni crisis.

The YPF held two previous separate workshops in the city of Mukalla in the middle of this year, more than 30 participants from all over Yemen participated in.
The YPF is a Track II youth and civil society platform facilitated by the Sana’a Center that seeks to build and empower the next generation of Yemeni policy makers to engage in critical national issues.

The YPF program is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Program/Project: Yemen Peace Forum