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The Yemen and Gulf Exchange Concludes

اقرأ المحتوى باللغة العربية

The Yemen and Gulf Exchange concluded its two-week online program on January 27.

Organized by the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies and the Exchange Foundation, over 60 participants from around the world gained unique access to information, perspectives, analysis, and updates on Yemen, with a particular focus on its connections with neighboring countries – the Gulf states and Iran.

Sessions, totaling more than 35 hours, saw Yemeni, Gulf, and international analysts, academics, politicians, diplomats, business leaders, and economic experts provide rare insight and first-hand knowledge on Yemen and countries in the region from a wide range of perspectives.

Yemen and Gulf Exchange session topics included: Yemen’s multifaceted conflicts examined from a regional perspective; Yemen’s relationships with regional countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Oman; Yemen’s economy within the broader economic context of the Gulf; border demarcation issues and cross-border illicit trade; military and political developments on the ground; the status of various armed groups; water and development issues; remittances to Yemen from its diaspora; the humanitarian response; and the UN-led peace process.

“The Yemen and Gulf Exchange marked a turning point in Sana’a Center’s approach, from primarily focusing on local dimensions to addressing regional dynamics, particularly how Yemen interacts with its neighbors and vice versa,” said Sana’a Center Executive Director Maged al-Madhaji.

“Building on the success of the inaugural 2023 Yemen and Gulf Exchange, a second edition will be held next year. The Sana’ Center also plans to continue our expansion of the Yemen Exchange program in the coming years to further explore, and disseminate insightful knowledge on, Yemen’s linkages with the Red Sea region and the Horn of Africa.”

The next Yemen Exchange will take place in person in early summer 2023, with exact dates and the opening of applications to be announced soon.

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