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An open letter regarding Hudaydah

اقرأ المحتوى باللغة العربية

The Yemen Development Champions discussed the latest developments in Hudaydah governorate while convening for the latest Development Champions Forum. The Champions are concerned by the impact of escalating military operations on the humanitarian situation in Yemen as a whole and Hudaydah governorate in specific; in addition to the damage that would be caused to vital economic infrastructure. The effect on the economic situation in the country would be catastrophic. Hudaydah governorate is the third most densely populated governorate in Yemen and has more than 36,000 economic facilities that include farms, factories, and warehouses. It is home to the most important port in the country, through which the majority of goods and humanitarian aid are brought into Yemen.

The Champions express their absolute rejection of the militarization of cities and the presence of any non-state armed forces in Hudaydah or any other Yemeni city.

The Champions call on all parties to spare Hudaydah governorate from the negative impact that further military escalation would bring and ask for their full and unconditional cooperation with the UN Special Envoy.

The Champions support the UN Special Envoy’s efforts regarding Hudaydah and call on the European Union, which has had previous experiences in this field, to support the envoy’s efforts in this regard.

The Champions call on all parties to ensure the safety of civilians, to avoid targeting the ports in Hudaydah and all other economic facilities and infrastructure in any military operations, and to remove all barriers that complicate the delivery of commercial goods and humanitarian aid going through the ports in Hudaydah. All parties must adhere to international humanitarian law and resolutions relating to the protection of civilians, and the withdrawal of all fighters from all cities in Yemen.

The Champions reiterate that a truce in Hudaydah represents an opportunity for a just and comprehensive peace in Yemen; and they call on the UN Special Envoy and the international community to capitalize on this opportunity to achieve peace in Yemen.

The Champions call on all regional and international donors and humanitarian organizations to adhere to their commitments and pledges towards civilians and IDPs, to protect them from suffering from the brunt of war, and to launch a comprehensive humanitarian response program for Hudaydah governorate.

While the Champions support all efforts to address the humanitarian and economic crises in Yemen, they also express their readiness to play any role necessary to help spare Yemen in general, and specifically Hudaydah, from any military escalation and the negative humanitarian and economic repercussions.

Amman – Jordan

July, 17, 2018

About The Development Champions:

The Development Champions is a group of senior Yemeni experts and professionals from both social and economic development fields with in-depth understanding and established experience. They convene periodically as part of the the Rethinking Yemen’s Economy project which is implemented by DeepRoot Consulting, Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies and the Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient (CARPO).

Development Champions:

Jeehan Abdulghaffar International Development Expert
Dr. Asmahan Alalas Assistant Professor of History – Aden University
Eng. Ammar Al-Aulaqi Deputy Minister of Water and Environment
Nabil Al-Faqih Former Chairman of Kamaran Industry and Investment and Former Minister of Tourism
Ali Al-Hebshi Businessman
Dr. Ismail Al-Janad Former Chairman of Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board
Eng. Rashid Al-Kaff Former Minister of Oil and Minerals
Mansour Rageh Chief Economist – Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies
Dr. Antelak Al-Mutawakel Lecturer and Researcher of Gender Studies – Sana’a University
Afrah Al-Zouba National Dialogue Conference First Deputy Secretary General
Mazen Aman Business Development Manager HSA Group
Eng. Badr Basalmah Former Minister of Transport
Dr. Saadaldeen Talib Former Minister of Trade and Industry, Former Member of Parliament, Former Member of Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption
Dr. Galal Faqirah Professor at Sana’a University
Dr. Najat Jumaan Professor of Finance, Sana’a University; business woman; member of NDC; Head of businesswomen sector at Chamber of Commerce
Eng. Khalid Abdulwahid Noman Businessman, Chairman of Aden Ahli Council, member of Economic Reforms Team
Jamila Ali Raja Director of Consult-Yemen, member of Economic Reforms Team
Nabil Shamsan Former Minister of Civil Service
Mohammed Shihab Businessman
Dr. Souad Othman Yafeai Academic. Former Dean of Administrative Sciences Faculty in Aden University. PhD in Agricultural Economy
Sawsan Alrefai Development Expert
Yousuf Al-Kuraimi CEO of Al-Kuraimi Bank