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Abdelkarim Ghanim is a sociology researcher from Yemen. He has a published book titled “The political Awareness in the Yemeni Society” and has published various studies with focuses on tribes and Yemeni society.

Abdulkareem's latest contributions

The Impact of the Saudi Intervention on Social Norms in Al-Mahra

March 21, 2022
The Yemeni governorate of Al-Mahra on the Arabian Sea bordering Oman has a unique cultural identity, its own ancient Semitic language and a distinct history. These factors have helped the governorate maintain its own customs and traditions and preserve social norms that maintain social cohesion and mitigate conflict.

Addressing Social Fragmentation in Yemen

March 1, 2019
After nearly five years of conflict, Yemen is more fragmented than at any time in recent history. The war has exacerbated long-standing grievances and created new fractures in Yemen’s social fabric. While the origins of the conflict lie in a political struggle for power, fighting has awakened a sectarian narrative, revived calls for secession in … Read more