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Dr. Abdullah Nasher is a professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Sana’a. He has authored many studies on apiculture (beekeeping) and honey production, and also works as a postgraduate student advisor in this field. Dr. Nasher personally owns a mobile apiary and has been practicing and researching beekeeping in Yemen for over 20 years. He is also the founder and current Chairman of the Yemeni Beekeepers Cooperative Association.

Abdullah's latest contributions

An Ancient Tradition at Risk: Yemen’s Beekeeping and Honey Production in Times of War

March 28, 2023
Beekeeping in Yemen is as ancient as Yemeni civilization itself. Yemenis have mastered their beekeeping skills over centuries and can trace their rich heritage in apiculture (beekeeping) back to their pre-Islamic ancestors. In the Kingdom of Hadramawt, during the 10th century BC, trading honey was reported to have been the fourth largest economic … Read more