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Hisham Al-Khawlani is a Yemeni writer and researcher based in China.

Hisham's latest contributions

The Yemen Brief Podcast | Episode 2 | A Closer Look at the Yemeni-Chinese Relations

April 17, 2022
Sana'a Center Arabic Editor Murad al-Arefi talks to Hisham al-Khawlani, a Yemeni Researcher based in China, about the Yemeni-Chinese relations and how Beijing gave up having its own policy towards Yemen since the early 1990s and being a quiet but consistent supporter of Saudi Arabia's policy in the Gulf region. The Yemen Brief Podcast is the … Read more

China Prioritizes Gulf Economic, Oil Relationships; Yemen Can Wait

January 25, 2021
Diplomatically isolated by the West and overshadowed by the Soviet Union in the east, communist China of the 1950s sought out relationships with smaller states, including Yemen. It cultivated diplomatic and economic ties, which it maintained with various Yemeni leaders, northern and southern, through the next three decades. China secured … Read more