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Omar Munassar

Omar Munassar is an assistant professor at Bursa Uludağ University’s Department of International Relations in Turkey, who specializes in foreign policy and security affairs related to Turkey, the Gulf region and Yemen. Dr. Munassar holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from Bursa Uludağ University and a master’s degree from the University of Warsaw. He tweets at @OmarMunasar.

Omar's latest contributions

Turkey’s Policy Shifts Toward Yemen’s Civil War, a Local and Regional Perspective

December 14, 2021
Turkey might be expected to be involved in the Yemen war for a number of reasons: the Ottoman legacy, regional influence aspirations, the ruling party’s ideological ties with the Yemeni Islah party and early backing for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen in 2015. Yet today, it appears to be absent from the Yemeni equation. The reasons for thi…