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Qabool Al-Absi is the chairperson of the Qarar Foundation for Media and Sustainable Development, a Taiz-based organization that works to strengthen the role of Yemeni media.

She is a founding member of Wojood Community, an initiative to assist Yemeni refugees in Egypt and also a member of the Lamar International initative, Voices of Peace and Feminist Solidarity.

Qabool is a participant in the Yemen Peace Forum.

Qabool's latest contributions

Feeling Forgotten: Yemeni Refugees, Host Countries, and the UNHCR

December 5, 2022
Since the outbreak of the war, Yemenis have sought to escape the scourges of violence, economic collapse, and political instability. Some have made arduous journeys to Djibouti, Somalia, and Somaliland[1] on small fishing boats to reach safety,[2] and now reside in their respective capitals.[3] Others have sought refuge in Ethiopia, where they are … Read more

The Struggle Far From Home: Yemeni Refugees in Cairo 

December 18, 2020
Since 2015, the devastating conflict in Yemen has created a debilitating economic and humanitarian crisis and displaced millions of Yemenis. While the vast majority of displaced Yemenis remain within Yemen — around 3.65 million — Yemenis who do seek safety abroad most often flee to countries across the Arab world, including Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti … Read more