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Saqr Al-Sunaidi is a Yemeni writer and journalist and has held positions in numerous media outlets. He worked as an editor for a number of local newspapers, including Al-Usbou’ and Al-Thawra, and as a Rapporteur in the Yemeni Parliament. In 2015, he joined Balqees TV as a producer of the shows “Kushk Al-Sahafa” and “Haithu Al-Insan.” In early 2013, he wrote and published a book titled “Raafat’s Journey.”

Saqr's latest contributions

Childhood Lost: No Respite in the Recruitment of Yemen’s Child Soldiers

Although short-lived, Yemen’s truce, brokered in April 2022, led to a period of relative calm. Many hoped that the thousands of child soldiers recruited by the different warring parties — reportedly 2,233 in the period from July 1, 2021, to December 31, 2022, alone would leave combat and return to finish their education. Sadly, this has not been … Read more