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Andrew Hammond has worked as a reporter and analyst with various news outlets and research institutes covering Egypt, Turkey and the Gulf.

Andrew's latest contributions

Saudis Visit Sana’a as Warring Parties Conduct Prisoner Exchange – The Yemen Review, April 2023

May 15, 2023
Saudi-Houthi talks in Sana’a during Ramadan failed to produce a final agreement on a roadmap for final status peace talks and a permanent ceasefire. Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) leaders in Riyadh were left out of the loop although the Saudis continued to insist that the Houthis co-sign any deal with the internationally recognized … Read more

Saudi-Houthi Talks Move Toward Ceasefire – The Yemen Review, March 2023

April 14, 2023
Saudi-Houthi talks regained traction over the course of March, and the announcement of a ceasefire is expected as Riyadh looks to wind down its direct military involvement in Yemen. At month’s end, Presidential Leadership Council chief Rashad al-Alimi and his government were summoned to the Saudi capital to be briefed on the negotiations. Despite … Read more

Saudi-Houthi Talks Sow Cracks in Coalition – The Yemen Review, January and February 2023

March 10, 2023
Ongoing bilateral talks between Saudi Arabia and the armed Houthi movement have renewed optimism that a negotiated political settlement in Yemen might yet be possible. But the talks are an exclusively Saudi initiative and threaten to serve only the narrow interests of their current participants. To date, their primary effect has been the easing of … Read more

Govt Agrees Financial Aid as Houthis Target Oil Sector – The Yemen Review, November 2022

December 16, 2022
Hopes faded that the expired truce would be revived in November, as Houthi authorities dug in their heels over maximalist demands that caused the talks’ collapse and then upped the ante with a series of drone and missile attacks on southern ports. The attacks crippled oil and gas revenues, though International Monetary Fund, Saudi, and Emirati … Read more

Houthis Target Southern Ports – The Yemen Review, October 2022

November 14, 2022
The UN-backed truce between the Houthi movement and the internationally recognized government was allowed to expire on October 2. Efforts to secure its further extension failed following a last-minute demand by Houthi negotiators to add military and security personnel to a payroll of public sector employees. The breakdown of the talks was followed … Read more