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Maged Al-Madhaji

Maged Al-Madhaji is executive director and a co-founder of the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies.

Al-Madhaji’s research and commentary on Yemen have been published by various academic platforms, including the London School of Economics and the Arab Reform Initiative, and he is a regular commentator on Yemeni affairs for Arabic media.

In 2012 he was appointed to the Preparatory Committee for Yemen’s Conference of National Dialogue, before resigning later the same year in protest of the committee’s exclusionary policies.

Maged's latest contributions

The Essential Role of Local Governance in Yemen

September 10, 2016
10 September 2016 Report Authors: Adam Baron, Andrew Cummings, Tristan Salmon, Maged al-Madhaji Published By: Sana’a Center for Strategic…

How Yemen’s post-2011 transitional phase ended in war

May 19, 2016
The Gulf Cooperation Council and the international community brought together Yemen’s various political power brokers in 2011 to help end the crisis…

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