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Ned Whalley

Ned Whalley is an editor and analyst at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies. He has degrees in History from Yale University, and in Conflict Management and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He has been published in Nationalities Papers, The Daily Star, and Now Lebanon among other outlets.

Whalley's latest contributions

Politics and Diplomacy

The political situation in Yemen has been completely upended by the regional and domestic fallout wrought by Houthi attacks on maritime shipping and the conflict in Gaza. Peace talks between Saudi Arabia and the Houthi group () are now on hold indefinitely, and the future of a seemingly imminent deal is now unclear. Attacks on vessels transiting … Read more

The Yemen Review Quarterly: January-March 2024

April 9, 2024
Yemen’s political and economic situation worsened in the first months of the year as the impacts of the Red Sea crisis, which began in November, began to manifest themselves. Peace talks between Saudi Arabia and the Houthi group (Ansar Allah) were effectively placed on hold, and the United States broadened its response to the Houthi attacks, … Read more

The Red Sea Front – The Yemen Review, November and December 2023

December 27, 2023
Executive Summary Houthi military action in the Red Sea escalated dramatically during November and December, as the group announced the creation of a ‘third front’ against Israel in retaliation for its war in Gaza and military operations along the Lebanese border. Isolated attacks in October, nominally undertaken in solidarity with the besieged … Read more

Challenges to Yemen’s Public Revenues

December 19, 2023
Since April 2022, the war in Yemen has mutated from a high-casualty conflict to a protracted stalemate with relatively stable frontlines. The contest is now over the economy, as the Houthi group () leverages negotiations and its military power to put fiscal pressure on the internationally recognized government. The current phase has been marked by … Read more

Houthis Target Israel Amid Gaza Conflict – The Yemen Review, September and October 2023

November 20, 2023
The Houthi group () claimed responsibility for a series of attempted missile and drone strikes on Israel. The Houthis have threatened to keep up the attacks as long as the Israeli military operation in Gaza continues. Four projectiles were intercepted by a US warship in the Red Sea, where the group has expanded its operations, and it could … Read more
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