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Thomas Juneau

Thomas Juneau is a non-resident fellow at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies and an associate professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. He is the author of a recent book in French on the war in Yemen.

Thomas's latest contributions

The Yemen Brief Podcast | Episode 1 | Gulf Feuds in Yemen: The UAE

April 17, 2022
Sana'a Center Researcher and Program Manager Holly Topham talks to Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa and Sana'a Center … Read more

What Can We Learn About Iran-Houthi Ties from the New UN Panel Report?

March 14, 2022
Relations between Iran and the Houthis were marginal 10 years ago; today, the Houthis are one of the most important partners in the network of armed non-state actors that Iran supports throughout the … Read more

The Saudi Blockade of Yemen Must be Lifted – But Not in Isolation

April 21, 2021
Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen recently passed its six-year mark. The war has become an unwinnable quagmire from which Riyadh struggles to find a viable exit strategy, while it has had … Read more

Biden Takes Over: Advice and Expectations for a New US Administration

December 10, 2020
Washington’s Yemen policy, long driven by counterterrorism and broader regional interests, has substantively remained unchanged through the past three US administrations. At times, drone strikes have … Read more

The Iran Variable in the UAE’s Yemen Policy

September 17, 2020
The growing foreign policy assertiveness of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has attracted much attention in recent years. The small oil-rich federation has deployed its forces throughout the region, … Read more