A Program to Improve Outcomes Humanitarian Aid and its Micro and Macroeconomic Effects in Yemen

November 2020 — November 2022

Through this project, the Sana’a Center will conduct a research program to maximize the positive impact of aid dollars in Yemen by monitoring and assessing the humanitarian response in Yemen. The research will explore the processes and modalities used to deliver aid in Yemen  and identify mechanisms to improve their efficiency and impact. It will also gather economic data and indicators from around the country to analyze the micro and macroeconomic impact of humanitarian aid. Through this project, the Sana’a Center will create a platform from which to advocate for increased transparency and efficiency in aid delivery to maximize the positive outcomes from aid dollars at local and national levels.

The program is funded by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (Government of Switzerland) and Open Society Foundations, and runs from November 2020 until November 2022.