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The Eighth Yemen Exchange Concludes

اقرأ المحتوى باللغة العربية

The Eighth Yemen Exchange concluded its online program on March 15, 2022, after bringing together over 74 participants from around the world to gain unique access to information, perspectives, updates and analysis on Yemen.

More than 50 speakers and facilitators presented over the course of two weeks, including Yemeni and international analysts, academics, politicians, high-level diplomats, business leaders and economic experts that provided insight and rare first-hand knowledge about the country from a wide range of perspectives.

In the opening session, Sana’a Center Executive Director Maged al-Madhaji and Senior Researcher Abdulghani al-Iryani provided a deep dive into the political alliances, divisions and conflicts within Yemen. UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg later spoke about the UN-led peace process in Yemen.

Other session topics included, but were not limited to: the Houthis from an academic perspective; the role of Salafists in Yemen; Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State in Yemen; the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the Yemeni economy; the latest developments in the governorates of Shabwa and Aden; local and tribal politics in Al-Mahra and Socotra, the role of tribal women in mediating conflict and the current state of Yemen’s tribes; the relationship between Yemen and the European Union; the humanitarian aid system in Yemen; and the economic situation and post-war challenges facing the Yemeni economy.

“The eighth edition of the Yemen Exchange comes as part of the center’s efforts to popularize insightful knowledge about Yemen, link this knowledge and stakeholders, and promote discussion on local, regional and international developments that impact Yemen,” said Sana’a Center Executive Director Maged al-Madhaji. “The exchange is a broad gateway to transfer specialized and intersecting knowledge about Yemen to the world, and provide a stable knowledge platform for all those working on Yemen to examine critical issues facing the country and help make their responses more coherent.”

This online version of the Exchange was organized by the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies and The Exchange Foundation.