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Exploring Local Solutions to Challenges in Al-Mahra

اقرأ المحتوى باللغة العربية

Al-Ghaydah, Al-Mahra – A two-day workshop bringing together a range of local officials, activists, and community leaders to explore local solutions to urgent issues in Al-Mahra governorate concluded on Sunday, August 21.
This workshop, attended by Al-Mahra provincial deputy for youth affairs, Bader Kalashat, and provincial deputy assistant for women, Khadija Bakrit, is part of the second phase of a project organized by the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies in partnership with Saferworld, in several Yemeni governorates, including Al-Mahra.

Participants stressed the need for the establishment of a public university in Al-Mahra; an early warning system for heavy rains, flash floods, and other environmental disasters; and a specialized unit to treat drug addiction and raise community awareness. They also discussed economic, security, and social conditions, and the provision of public services.

The Executive Director of the Sana’a Center, Maged al-Madhaji, said the workshop comes within the framework of the Sana’a Center’s efforts to involve local communities in the peace process in Yemen, which will require broad participation if it is to be successful.He added that the workshop aims to identify the urgent needs of the people of Al-Mahra and ways to help address them.

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