About Barda Podcast

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About the program

Barda is a podcast where we discuss development and social projects and initiatives. It showcases local experiences of Yemeni youth and highlights their achievements. It is targeted at Yemeni youth, aiming to help them develop a deeper understanding of social and development issues.

Barda introduces leading role models from various Yemeni governorates, who can inspire young people and influence local and international decision makers.

The program hosts young leaders who make a difference in their respective fields and professions. Barda gives space to female role models and groups that are often excluded from discussion platforms.


Why Barda?

Barda means curtain in Arabic. The term is used in northern Yemen and some southern regions.

Barda Podcast is a production of the Yemen Peace Forum (YPF), facilitated by the Sana'a Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS) and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One of the main objectives of YPF is to create a track II platform for civil society and youth, focusing on generating knowledge about Yemeni issues through local voices.

In Barda, we seek to lift the curtain on inspiring stories and local community issues of interest to Yemeni youth.


Vision and Objectives

A Yemeni platform to showcase leading youth experiences in local communities

  • Showcase the experiences and stories of young people who contribute to peace and community stability despite the difficult conditions of war.
  • Create inspiration by sharing success stories and introducing role models.
  • Produce audio content capable of raising issues of interest to Yemeni youth and discussing their aspirations.

The first season of Barda Podcast has five episodes. Episodes are 35 minutes long and are released monthly.