YPF Members Discuss Youth and Civil Society Peace Priorities with the UN and the International Community

Members of the Yemen Peace Forum (YPF) initiative, a track II youth and civil society platform, held extensive meetings in Amman with UN officials and representatives from the international community. The meetings were held as part of the Sana’a Center’s efforts to provide Yemeni youth and CSOs with the opportunity to engage with key international […]

Yemen Peace Forum Launches Institutional Capacity Building Program for CSOs

February 20, 2024 to February 25, 2024

The Yemen Peace Forum (YPF) recently launched a capacity building program to help civil society organizations (CSOs) respond to local needs and increase their influence over issues related to peace and conflict in Yemen. The series began with a four-day intensive workshop, which ran from Feb 20-25th 2024. The workshop aimed to equip 27 civil […]

Yemeni CSOs Submit Preliminary Recommendations on the Transition From Humanitarian Aid to Development

November 9, 2023

Twenty-seven Yemeni civil society organizations (CSOs) submitted recommendations to the international community on the effective transition from humanitarian aid to development assistance, and the integration of a Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) Nexus approach in Yemen.   Facilitated by the Sana’a Center’s Yemen Peace Forum (YPF), these recommendations were presented in a meeting held remotely on November 9, 2023, […]

The Yemen Peace Forum Organizes a Panel Discussion in Mukalla on the Role of Art in Preserving Historical Memory

September 23, 2023

Wednesday, August 23, Mukalla  – The youth component of the Yemen Peace Forum (YPF) organized a panel discussion in Mukalla, Hadramawt, focusing on the role of art in preserving historical memory. Attended by prominent artists and local figures from Hadramawt governorate, the session provided the opportunity to discuss the role of art and culture in […]

SC organizes a Training Workshop for YPF-II Members, focusing on Knowledge Production policies and mechanisms

August 17, 2023

Thursday, August 17 – The Yemen Peace Forum (YPF) organized a training workshop for its Phase II members, focusing on research and knowledge production and the Sanaa Center’s editorial and publishing policies and processes.  Thirty YPF II members, including youth and civil society organization (CSO) representatives, attended the online workshop. The workshop was the first […]

YPF Workshop Focuses on Humanitarian, Development, and Peace Interventions in Yemen

More than 25 Yemeni organizations participated in an online workshop on July 11 focused on providing local feedback to a proposed overhaul of the humanitarian, development, and peace approach in Yemen. The workshop – organized under the Sana’a Center’s Yemen Peace Forum (YPF), a track II youth and civil society platform – gave an opportunity […]

Webinar series with global experts

May 18, 2020 Online

The Yemen Peace forum conducted a webinar series in collaboration with the Yemeni Youth Platform for Peacebuilding. These webinars connect Yemeni youth and global experts in interactive discussions in which experts in the political sphere share their experience and reflections.  

Consultations with non-governmental organizations and youth groups

December 15, 2020 Yemen governorates

As part of the YPF project, the YPF’s non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and youth members will be supported to conduct a series of consultations with their peer local NGOs and youth groups across Yemen. These consultations aim to create a platform, broaden public engagement and increase representation and participation of local voices on national and local […]

Communicating the voices of youth to the international community

April 6, 2020 Online

Youth and NGO representatives from the Yemen Peace Forum featured as key speakers in a number of events including the Yemen Exchange, an intensive course on Yemen attended by policymakers, diplomats, journalists and researchers. They also participated in Future Generations: Voices of Yemeni Youth, an online discussion with  UK Minister for the Middle East and […]

Capacity Building of the youth and NGOs representatives of Yemen Peace Forum

May 1, 2020

As part of the capacity building for the Yemen Peace Forum representatives, training programs are provided on: Policy writing; International advocacy; Communication with international stakeholders and media; Message development and planning; Conducting policy briefings;  Digital security.