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The Yemen Peace Forum initiative is a track II youth and civil society platform facilitated by the Sana’a Center. This interactive initiative seeks to both invest in building and empowering the next generation of Yemeni youth and civil society actors and to engage them in critical national issues. Building on the Sana’a Center’s core goal of producing knowledge by local voices, this initiative seeks to develop and invest in young policy analysts and writers across Yemen.

Through this two-year initiative, the Center will build the capacity of dozens of youth and civil society representatives from across Yemen focusing on key topics and regions. Capitalizing on its strong network, the Sana’a Center will also create various platforms and hubs for national and marginalized local voices and initiatives inside and outside Yemen to influence policies and shape narratives at all levels.To influence policy- and decision-making, the Center will also link these groups and their peacebuilding efforts with the UN-led peace process, political processes, local, regional, and international stakeholders, and the media.

Project objective and activities:

  • Equip youth and Civil Society to engage in collective international advocacy in the peacemaking process and critical national issues.
    • Provide a space for youth activists to identify a joint mechanism to advocate for youth-related issues in the peacemaking and post-conflict political process.
    • Convene various civil society components to address critical local and national issues collectively.
    • Youth activists will conduct local consultations with their peers.
  • Improve interventions and policies by international and regional stakeholders in Yemen by facilitating their engagement with youth and civil society perspectives on the peacemaking process and critical national issues.
  • Hold regular meetings with the office of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen (OSESGY), diplomats, journalists and policy makers to share the perspectives and insights of youth and civil society on the peace process and current issues, and their visions for peace.
    • Produce policy briefs sharing the views and insights of the groups engaged within this initiative.
    • Conduct policy trips enabling forum members to engage in international advocacy and to brief policymakers, diplomats and journalists.

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