Thursday, August 17 – The Yemen Peace Forum (YPF) organized a training workshop for its Phase II members, focusing on research and knowledge production and the Sanaa Center’s editorial and publishing policies and processes. 

Thirty YPF II members, including youth and civil society organization (CSO) representatives, attended the online workshop. The workshop was the first capacity-building training for members of YPF, a track II platform that seeks to engage youth and civil society actors in the peace process,  since the launch of its second phase in May 2022.

Yasmeen al-Eryani, the Sana’a Center’s Executive Director for Knowledge Production, and Yazeed al-Jeddawi, the Sana’a Center’s Research Coordinator, walked the participants through the process of knowledge production at Sana’a Center, providing an in-depth guide to policies, procedures, and stages of publication, with the ultimate aim of contributing to knowledge in Yemen, better analyzing and understanding critical issues and public policies, and identifying practical solutions to ongoing challenges faced by the country.

The workshop included a presentation on Sana’a Center’s publication criteria, the types of research produced by the center, and the stages that publications go through (from the proposal stage to publishing).

Participants also discussed standards and ethics for research and knowledge production, such as research integrity, obtaining informed consent, security considerations (including the principle of harm minimization), accuracy and credibility,  and sourcing. 

The Yemen Peace Forum initiative is a track II youth and civil society platform that seeks to both invest in building and empowering the next generation of Yemeni youth and civil society actors and to engage them in critical national issues. It also aims to localize the peace process by bridging the gap between youth and civil society actors and national and international decision-makers, and creating platforms for local voices to influence policies and decisions related to the peace process in Yemen.

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies is an independent think-tank that seeks to foster change through knowledge production with a focus on Yemen and the surrounding region. The Center’s publications and programs, offered in both Arabic and English, cover political, social, economic, and security-related developments, aiming to impact policy locally, regionally, and internationally.