As part of the YPF project, the YPF’s non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and youth members will be supported to conduct a series of consultations with their peer local NGOs and youth groups across Yemen. These consultations aim to create a platform, broaden public engagement and increase representation and participation of local voices on national and local issues, including NGO representatives and youth activists on the ground. These consultations will take place from December 25, 2020 to January 15, 2021. Each of our 15 NGOs representatives and 14 youth delegates will hold group discussions with their peers in different governorates. In addition, some of our youth delegates who are based outside Yemen will convene meetings with Yemeni youths in the diaspora.

About the consultations: 

Objective: to explore the priorities of NGOs and youth and their insights on local issues as well as the peace process.

Participants and content: The consultations are a discussion based on pre-developed questions, which were designed to fit all governorates. They focus on different aspects such as: the role of youth and NGOs; the role of the UN Special Envoy’s office; the impact of war on the work of NGOs and youth activism; the impact of war on the most vulnerable individuals; the effects of war on art and cultural activities; and opportunities and obstacles to peace process. Each YPF delegate chose an aspect to discuss with their peers based on the relevance to their political and security situation. 

Each consultation convenes between 10 and 12 participants from youth and NGOs as well as other community groups. It is gender balanced, with up to 50 percent female participation. To ensure the consultations are COVID-19 secure, social distancing is maintained and masks and hand sanitizers are provided to all participants. 

Lead facilitators: YPF NGOs and youth members. 

Locations of consultations:  Sana’a, Aden, Hajjah, Marib, Ibb, Taiz, Hadramawt, Al-Dhalea, Al-Mahra, Shabwa, and Socotra. 

Outcomes: The results of these consultations will be documented as a comprehensive report, consolidating the outcomes of all consultations to reflect the collective insights of NGOs and youth across Yemen. These outcomes will be shared with local and international stakeholders including the OSESGY.