Barda Podcast | Episode 1 | Entrepreneurship in Yemen

The term “entrepreneurship” is not well-known in Yemen, although there are many examples of entrepreneurship in creating pragmatic solutions to market needs. 

Most small businesses in Yemen are established to meet  needs – for example to secure an income – and often lose sight of the innovation factor. Nevertheless, young people are constantly seeking to create value and drive the economy, as can be seen in Yemen’s coffee and cotton businesses, among others. Women have made inroads into entrepreneurship, and have opened their own businesses despite barriers imposed by society.

In this episode, we host Kholoud Shaker, Head of the Private Sector and Entrepreneurship Development Programme at Small Micro Enterprise Promotion Services (SMEPS) to talk about entrepreneurship in Yemen, its impact on communities, and the role and contribution of women in entrepreneurship.


* Intro music credit goes to Jala Yaqoub, “Sare3 piece”.


Barda Podcast is a production of the Yemen Peace Forum (YPF), facilitated by the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS), which aims to create a track II platform for civil society and youth as well as to generate interest and knowledge about Yemeni issues through local voices.

Barda highlights development and community-based projects and initiatives and showcases positive local experiences of Yemeni youth. It also introduces inspiring Yemeni youth role models who have made a difference. Barda focuses on giving space to female role models and groups that are often excluded from discussion platforms.

Safaa Al-Watari
Safaa Al-Watari
Is currently working as a digital project manager in France where she helps companies lead their digital transformation.