Barda Podcast | Episode One | Season Two | Barriers to Humanitarian Access

As a result of the ongoing conflict, many national and international humanitarian organizations across Yemen have been affected by an array of challenges and hardships, ranging from security to procedural challenges  as a result of the restrictions and practices imposed by the authorities in control of Sanaa and Aden, in addition to the difficulties emanating from funding policies and limited communication and coordination with donors and the international community that hinder access and undermine the effective implementation of relevant activities.

Using dramatic scenes, this episode simulates several difficulties and obstacles experienced by national and international civil society organizations and their workers. The episode hosts Mohamed El Watiri, a researcher in transitional justice and human rights, and Wedad El-Badawi, head of the Cultural Media Center, and Hussein Solan, executive director of Musa’ala organization for Human Rights, who highlight to us these difficulties and challenges.

Barda Podcast is a production of the Yemen Peace Forum (YPF), facilitated by the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies. One of the main objectives of YPF is to create a track II platform for civil society and youth, focusing on generating knowledge about Yemeni issues through local voices.

Barda Podcast highlights development and social projects and initiatives. It showcases local experiences of Yemeni youth and highlights their achievements. The podcast also introduces leading and inspiring role models from Yemeni young leaders who made a difference in their respective fields and professions, and particularly gives space to female role models and groups that are often excluded from discussion platforms.