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Adel Dashela is a Yemeni researcher and lecturer who holds a Ph.D. in English Literature with a focus on political prison literature in the Arab World. Currently, he is a visiting researcher at Turku University in Finland. His expertise encompasses post-conflict transitional justice from a social perspective, conflict studies, and Yemeni affairs, including tribal dynamics and regional issues. He has authored numerous research papers, analytical articles, and a book titled “The Houthi Movement and Yemeni Tribes: 2011-2020.” He is a frequent contributor to international and local research centers, where he comments on Yemeni affairs, particularly political and social dynamics, including tribal issues, and is a regular commentator on international and local media platforms.

Adel's latest contributions

Saudi Arabia’s Eastward Turn: Shifting Relations with Yemeni Tribes

Saudi Arabia’s relationship with Yemeni tribes has undergone many changes over recent decades, focused mainly on cultivating direct ties with Yemeni tribal sheikhs. With a shared 1,800 km-long … Read more

Northern Yemeni Tribes during the Eras of Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthi Movement: A Comparative Study

February 16, 2022
The support of northern Yemeni tribes has historically been critical for the ability of the central government in Sana’a to maintain power. During the period of the Zaidi Imamate – the northern … Read more