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Adnan Tabatabai

Adnan Tabatabai is co-founder and CEO of the Germany-based Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient (CARPO). As an Iran analyst he is consulted by European policymakers and businesses on Iran related affairs. Tabatabai is the author of the book “Morgen in Iran” (Oct. 2016, Edition Körber-Stiftung).

Adnan's latest contributions

The Yemen Brief Podcast | Episode 7 | What Would Talks Between Iran and Saudi Arabia Mean for Yemen?

April 17, 2022
Iran and Saudi Arabia have long been cast as Gulf rivals. In their relationships with the West and their support for actors in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, they have long stood on opposing sides of … Read more

The View from Iran after Raisi’s Election

July 16, 2021
Early this year, months before Iran held its presidential elections, significant security talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia were held in Baghdad. Security and military officials from both countries … Read more