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Alex Harper

Alex Harper is an aid sector-focused analyst and researcher and has spent the last six years working for international aid organizations across the MENA region, namely on Lebanon and Yemen. He has significant experience working on Yemen’s economy in this capacity and previously worked with the Sana’a Center between 2016-2018.

Alex's latest contributions

Development is Coming: Be Careful What You Wish For

March 8, 2024
Since 2021, Yemenis have become more strident in their calls for new and better ways of providing aid.[1] Yemeni experts have warned that prolonged cycles of short-term humanitarian aid can entrench dependence and have called for a transition toward development approaches that could set the foundation for a sustainable post-conflict economy.[2] … Read more

Two Birds With One Stone: Using Aid Transfers to Support Stable Commodity Prices in Yemen

August 4, 2023
During the conflict in Yemen, the government-run Central Bank of Yemen in Aden (CBY-Aden), and other government-aligned economic stakeholders have argued for a policy that would rationalize humanitarian and broader aid transfers to support the provision of foreign exchange (FX) to critical commodity importers. This could benefit the economy at … Read more