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Dr. Nadia Al-Sakkaf is the director of 21 Century Forum, a UK-based research organization specializing in media, digital safety, gender, democratic transitions, climate change, and socio-economic development. She was the first woman appointed as Yemen’s Minister of Information. She also served as Chief Editor of the country’s first English language newspaper, The Yemen Times. She is the co-founder of the Connecting Yemen initiative, which advocates for accessible and affordable internet in Yemen.

Nadia's latest contributions

Development is Coming: Be Careful What You Wish For

March 8, 2024
Since 2021, Yemenis have become more strident in their calls for new and better ways of providing aid.[1] Yemeni experts have warned that prolonged cycles of short-term humanitarian aid can entrench dependence and have called for a transition toward development approaches that could set the foundation for a sustainable post-conflict economy.[2] … Read more