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Huda Jafar

Huda Jafar is a Yemeni researcher and writer specialized in gender and conflict analysis, she has also worked as an M&E specialist.

Huda's latest contributions

Grassroots Voices: Women and Everyday Peacebuilding in Yemen

May 1, 2023
Over eight years of war in Yemen have had dire consequences on people’s day-to-day lives and shaped their definitions and perceptions of peace. Years of failed negotiations have allowed the warring factions to monopolize conversations on peace. Within these negotiations, women at both the local and national level have been largely excluded, … Read more

The Ismaili Minority: Between Oppression and Integration

October 18, 2022
Ismailis are the second biggest Shia community worldwide after the Twelver Shia, but while in Yemen they are outnumbered by both Sunnis and Zaidi Shia they have deep historical roots in the country going back over 1,000 years. Living mainly in the northern Haraz mountains and Aden in the south, Yemen’s Ismaili minority hails from the Tayyibi … Read more