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Samaher al-Hadheri holds an MA in Geography, Planning, Environment and Development from the Sorbonne. Her master’s thesis focused on Yemeni refugees in Djibouti, based on fieldwork research she conducted in Djibouti city and the Markazi Refugee Camp. Al-Hadheri has worked at the French Parliament (the National Assembly), UNESCO, and the National Office for the Assistance of Refugees and Disaster Stricken People (ONARS) in Djibouti.

Samaher's latest contributions

The Evolution of Yemeni Migration to Djibouti

April 14, 2022
In the early 20th century Djibouti was a French colony, separated from Yemen by the 32-kilometer Bab al-Mandeb Strait. When the colony needed labor for economic development and the construction of a new port in Djibouti city, they called on Yemeni builders, farmers and sailors. Most workers came from the Tihama region on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, … Read more