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Dr. Fawziah al-Ammar

Dr. Fawziah al-Ammar is a former senior research fellow with the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies where she was leading the center’s research on mental health in Yemen and the psychological impacts of the ongoing conflict on individuals, families and communities. Al-Ammar is an assistant professor of psychology at Amran University, former head of the Department of Psychology, and a lecturer at the Gender-Development Research & Studies Center at Sana’a University.

She holds a PhD in educational psychology from the Institute of Education at the International Islamic University Malaysia, specializing in educational and psychological assessment, and an MA in educational measurement from Sana‘a University.

Fawziah's latest contributions

A Gendered Crisis: Understanding the Experiences of Yemen’s War

December 15, 2019
Few Yemenis have been spared the catastrophic impact of the Yemen War, but prevailing gender norms mean women and girls, and men and boys, have experienced the conflict differently. This report explores how gender norms have shaped Yemenis’ experience of conflict, and how conflict is reshaping gender norms in Yemen.