Barda Podcast | Episode 4 | Social Media and the Yemeni Trend

The digital map of the world has changed over the past years. The emergence of a new phase of media or social media has given all segments of society the required tools to share and disseminate information. This is the media that brought people together on one platform.


This media consists of different platforms and networks, which have contributed to the emergence of celebrities and influencers at different levels, who enjoy a fan base that supports them, and in some cases attacks them. Nonetheless, what matters at the end is the number of followers.


According to the Global Digital Overview Report, there are 2.3 million active users on social media in Yemen, accounting for 8 percent of the population of 2019. Based on a study conducted by Mansa Foundation for Media and Development Studies, 95 percent of Yemenis access news and information on social media sites. The study also found that Facebook ranks first among Yemeni users, at 98 percent, followed by WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and Instagram.


Social media sites contribute to the creation of unlimited jobs in various fields, not only for businesses, or enterprises, but also for individuals. There’s no longer a need to have a strategically located store to ensure that your products are sold. Rather, you can create a page on this virtual world as a window to access your clients.
But this comes at a cost, which include but not limited to: anxiety, tension and solitude, not to mention bullying, extortion and hatred.


Episode guest:

Mazen Alsaqqaf – Content creator


Discussion topics:

  • New media and social media platforms in Yemen;
  • The Yemeni trend: its description and impact.
  • The negative repercussions of these platforms on reflecting realities on the ground.
Safaa Al-Watari
Safaa Al-Watari
Is currently working as a digital project manager in France where she helps companies lead their digital transformation.