How Yemen’s post-2011 transitional phase ended in war

Yemen’s economic collapse and impending famine:

The necessary immediate steps to avoid worst-case scenarios

The Roles of Regional Actors in Yemen and Opportunities for Peace

The Role of Local Actors in Yemen’s Current War

Consolidating and streamlining information

New approaches to Yemen and the region

Working towards a better Yemen


The Sana'a Center for Strategic Studies is an independent policy and research center based in Sana’a, Yemen. We provide balanced perspectives, in-depth studies and expert analyses on the country and the surrounding region.

Through our networks on the ground we assess the outcomes of policy choices made by local, regional and international stakeholders, and then provide evidence-based policy alternatives.

Our aim is to advance peace, democracy, prosperity and social progress in Yemen.

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After 15 years of US efforts to combat terror and achieve stability in Yemen, a new study by Saferworld concludes that these efforts—as in the cases ...
Why is war a more common occurrence in some parts of Yemen than in others? Why do cities like Aden recover quickly from wars? And why do their youth ...
The imminent critical threats to the Yemeni riyal and government institutions By Mansour Rageh   In whatever post-conflict scenario eventually ...
The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies strongly condemns the deportation of two of its researchers, Farea al-Muslimi and Sama’a al-Hamdani from ...

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