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Musaed M. Aklan

Musaed Aklan has a Master of Integrated Water Resources Management from Netherlands, and PhD in Water Resources Management from Netherlands. He worked with INGOs and international institutions as a lead researcher and consultant in the field of water and environment. He is based in the Netherlands.

Musaed's latest contributions

National Environment Day Sheds Light on Plight of Endangered Species

February 20 marks the annual celebration of National Environment Day in Yemen. Article no.35 of Yemen’s constitution mandates the preservation of the environment as a responsibility of the state and society, and as a national duty for all citizens. This year, events, symposiums, workshops, football matches, and cultural activities were held across … Read more

Solar-Powered Irrigation in Yemen: Opportunities, Challenges and Policies

April 29, 2021
This study examines the current trend of solar-powered irrigation system (SPIS) use in Sana’a Basin, identifying the pros and cons of this approach. It presents the perspectives of farmers and experts in terms of what is happening and what should be done to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative impacts of SPIS. This paper proposes … Read more