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Majd Ibrahim is a researcher on Yemeni affairs with a focus on the economic and political dynamics of the Yemen War. He has served as a humanitarian worker since 2016, which has involved aiding internally displaced people, monitoring economic and social patterns in eastern Yemen, and working on livelihood and community resilience building in rural Yemen.

Majd's latest contributions

Recovering Lost Ground in Shabwa’s Oil Sector

August 24, 2023
Shabwa’s oil sector has developed in fits and starts. Its first commercially viable oil reserves were discovered in 1987 when the governorate was still part of South Yemen. In 1990, South Yemen … Read more

Shabwa: Progress Despite Turmoil in a Governorate of Competing Identities

November 19, 2020
Shabwa governorate, perched centrally at the foot of Yemen's mountainous highlands and stretching to the Gulf of Aden, is at a crossroads of Yemeni identity as well as geography. As part of the … Read more