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Casey Coombs
Casey Coombs is a researcher at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies. Coombs also works as an independent journalist, reporting extensively on Yemen, where he was based between 2012 and 2015. Prior to Yemen, he reported from United Nations headquarters in New York, covering UN Security Council work on the Arab political uprisings.
He holds BAs in English & Anthropology and an MS in International Relations.

Casey's latest contributions

Yemeni Gov’t: Houthis Cede Little Ground in Taiz Road Negotiations

June 9, 2022
Delegations from the internationally recognized government and the Houthi movement failed to agree on a plan to reopen four Houthi-controlled main roa…

Presidential Council Replaces Hadi

May 3, 2022
In the early hours of April 7, President Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi dismissed Vice President Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and then signed over his executive aut…

Politics and Diplomacy

April 7, 2022
Yemeni parties came together in Riyadh at the end of March in an effort to build unity, but in the month running up to the event the schisms among the…

The Political Arena

March 15, 2022
The Houthis launched a barrage of drones and missiles on an oil facility and the airport in Abu Dhabi on January 17, killing three civilians. The at…

How Outsiders Fighting for Marib are Reshaping the Governorate

November 4, 2021
Marib governorate has emerged as a pivotal battleground between the armed Houthi movement on one hand, and the internationally recognized government a…

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