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Tawfeek Al-Ganad
Tawfeek Al-Ganad is the Arabic Editor for the Sana’a Center. He has worked as a writer and editor for various Yemeni and Arab news outlets, including Al Joumhoria, Al Masdar, and Assafir. As a researcher Tawfeek has led several studies regarding Yemen’s political history and contemporary gender-based issues in education. He holds a bachelor of arts in history from Sana’a University.

Tawfeek's latest contributions

A History of Yemeni Political Parties: From Armed Struggle to Armed Repression

February 7, 2022
Early political party activity emerged in North Yemen in the 1930s and 1940s in opposition to the imamate, but it was limited in size and influence. In the South, small, weak parties composed of … Read more

Not Our War: A Vision for Peace from Yemeni Youth and Civil Society

December 25, 2021
This paper looks first at young people’s perceptions of the conflict, the parties involved and the war’s underlying causes, as well as scenarios to end the war. It also examines the economic and … Read more

387 Days of Power: How Al-Qaeda Seized, Held and Ultimately Lost a Yemeni City 

January 5, 2021
On March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia launched Operation Decisive Storm, which was intended to be a brief air campaign – the Saudis told the US it would take “about six weeks” – to expel the Houthis from … Read more