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Tawfeek Al-Ganad
Tawfeek Al-Ganad has worked as a writer and editor for various Yemeni and Arab news outlets, including Al Joumhoria, Al Masdar, and Assafir. As a researcher Tawfeek has led several studies regarding Yemen’s political history and contemporary gender-based issues in education. He holds a bachelor of arts in history from Sana’a University.

Tawfeek's latest contributions

Saudis Visit Sana’a as Warring Parties Conduct Prisoner Exchange – The Yemen Review, April 2023

May 15, 2023
Saudi-Houthi talks in Sana’a during Ramadan failed to produce a final agreement on a roadmap for final status peace talks and a permanent ceasefire. Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) leaders in … Read more

An Unfinished Deal: Yemen’s Prisoner Exchanges

May 15, 2023
Over the course of three days — April 14, 15, and 16 — 887 prisoners were exchanged among Yemen’s warring parties in a deal facilitated by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Houthi … Read more

Abubakr Al-Saqqaf: Legacy of an Unarmed Warrior

March 9, 2023
Under Moscow’s snow, a Yemeni flame of enlightenment was extinguished. There lies buried Abubakar Al-Saqqaf, Yemen’s most prominent theorist of liberties, human rights, and a civil state, who passed … Read more

Abdelaziz al-Maqaleh: The Passing of a Yemeni Cultural Icon

December 16, 2022
In solemn mass gatherings, Yemenis paid their respects to Abdelaziz al-Maqaleh, who passed away on November 28 at 85 years old. Al-Maqaleh, one of the most prominent Yemeni figures of the past … Read more

Weak and Divided, the General People’s Congress Turns 40

September 20, 2022
The General People’s Congress (GPC) is going through an unprecedented period of weakness as it recently marked the 40th anniversary of its founding on August 24. The party was born from the national … Read more